lets merungut guys !


Assalamualaikum u ollzz..

having such a hard time huh ? yeah.. i having such a hard time these days with some of work become the comitee.. ohh. i just thing that i not good enough to manage some society's work. 

yeah.. i just want to merungut here.. i dont know what possessed me to join anything society that for me its not good society to me to manage it. daaa ~ menyesal. now i must to proceed with them. with no ikhlas anymore. ngah ngah ngah . hate it. feel lazy ? yeah.opkos la.. aku rase ingin bermalas-malas di uia ni.. why ? becoz i already a lazy gurl. dont u know ? ok , u know now.  

i just finish my speaking test jam 10.30 a.m tadi & guess what ? i get hard title u !! arghh.. ok fine.. bi aku ni low je weh.. dok le hebak mane pung.. so bile si puan examiner i tu give us topic for our discussion  and when i see the topic suddenly i jadi blank. mate i memutih and otak i dah kureng menjalankn kerja2 yang supposed die buat. can u see how hard that topic to my group to discuss ? hah! but i still can act cool infront of that 'puan' and all my group members ~ yeah.. thats my personality. i still can act slumber even dah malu on something,. hak hak , ofkos la i kena slumber , if not me so who else yg dapat relax kn my group.. dorang nye muke pun i tengok agak la cuak sikit.. well, the mark of that test will bring to the final bahh.. ape tak takut nye.? 

yesterday pulak.. i ade meeting with the comitee of 'some society'. and i skip meeting tu. why i skip ? becoz i have a lot a works la guys.. and today the pres want to see me. ofkos she want to see me, since i dah lame tak show up dalam meeting.ok then i pun dengan muke tak bersalah pasang la niat yang tegar nak pegi la jumpe the pres. she ask me to see her on 9 a.m. wait, 9 a.m ? 9 a.m ? what the heaven yop.. akuh ade speaking test time tuh.. and then i ask her to change the time and u know what she said ? she say " u are too good enough to give me an excuse, miss. see me or just drop ur position in this event (society tu lah) " . and aku ... BLANK. u know, i really have attend that test and i dont want that cool pres drop my position. so what should i do ? yeah. i do nothing. i hate them. they make me full of stress. i dont care anymore about that  pres. what the fish.

today, on 1 p.m nanti akan ade talk pasal kerjaya. and that poster said compulsory. wait. compulsory ? ahah! seumur hidup i kat uia ni, talk2 yg ade word compulsory ni jarang benor aku tunjuk muke . and today die buat talk tu pukul 1 p.m smpai 2.pm. u know what ? at 2 p.m lak i ade class smpai pukul 4 p.m ? then bile time i nak pray nye ? aduyai.. agok la nak buat talk pun.. bukan solat je i tak sempat tau.makan, benda penting tu pun nampak macam memang tak ade harapan sempat. so ? the answer? i pegi ke tak ? ofkos not ~ .i dont care about what my roomate, groupmate, classmate will say. i just dont care. i buzy u buzy~.. paham tak ? grr -_-

dah, aku nak pegi class. bye . btw, have a nice day yaww >_< 

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